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Freelance writer, content consultant, Southeast Asia travel gadabout.

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Travel WireAsia

Trouble in paradise: Falling foul of Southeast Asia’s tough drug laws

TALK about your Bali vacation gone all to hell. Kerobokan Prison was likely the last thing on the anonymous Australian...

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Travel WireAsia

Marco Polo Davao: Business and pleasure in southern Philippines

THE Marco Polo Davao’s luxurious accommodations and amenities are quite simply the finest in Davao City, making it a favorite...

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Travel WireAsia

Getting lost in Intramuros, Manila’s walled city

TRAVELERS don't often think of Manila, the Philippines' capital, as a destination unto itself. One is generally content with flying...

Open uri20131002 15668 hym17u article
Travel WireAsia

A diamond-hard Line: Singapore’s fight against illegal drugs

THE authorities in Singapore reserve the right to drug-test visitors upon arrival. Even a positive result – in the complete...

Open uri20131002 15668 rlqbce article
Travel WireAsia

Casa Leticia Boutique Hotel: An inexpensive but comfortable haunt in Davao City

Casa Leticia Boutique Hotel is perfectly placed for travelers who want to explore Davao City’s shopping and nightlife on a...

Open uri20131002 15668 1k1hdew article
Travel WireAsia

Alila Ubud: Serenity and nature in Bali’s heartland

IF the modern world’s wearing you down, the Alila Ubud provides a Bali-flavored escape: set between a ravine along the...

Open uri20131002 15668 1q9pppw article
Travel WireAsia

Long Life Hotel: Affordable old-world charm in Hoi An

THIS hotel has two names it uses concurrently: Long Life and Thanh Xuan (the latter is simply Vietnamese for the...

Open uri20131002 15668 14vu9l4 article
Travel WireAsia

Pearl Farm Resort: Tribal-themed Davao island resort

SAMAL Island in the southern Philippines is a somewhat exotic locale, with a proliferation of rare marine life in select...

Open uri20121023 11080 6ai444 article
Travel WireAsia

Exploring Georgetown, Penang

By Mike Aquino Georgetown in Penang, Malaysia is a hotspot for history buffs; its origins as a British colonial trade depot serving as th

Open uri20121023 20192 1r4jdku article
Travel WireAsia

Five Malaysian National Parks

MALAYSIA possesses the most biologically wealthy real estate on Earth. Thousands of plant and animal species, some found nowhere else in the

Open uri20121023 17622 1xqeaq article
Travel WireAsia

I Get Around: Transportation from Manila's Airport to the rest of the city

IF thousands of returning Filipinos can do it, so can you. Your fear of Manila’s notoriously opaque transportation system shouldn’t prev

Open uri20121023 20192 1cub4nk article
Travel WireAsia

Malaysia's Five Most Luxurious City Hotels

Central city locations plus luxurious amenities help these five hotels rank among the coolest accommodations in Malaysia.

Open uri20121023 17622 1wn9mba article
Travel WireAsia

Crazy pills and double crosses: Drug use among tourists in Thailand

SAY what you will about Thailand’s hellhole jails – they’ve inspired an entire bestselling genre of books, the drug trafficker prison

Open uri20121023 11080 jgkt04 article
Travel WireAsia

Streetfood in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

By Mike Aquino No town in Malaysia can match Penang for its head-over-heels devotion to good food. Every Penangite is a natural foodie, w

Open uri20121113 23554 h6f694 article
Travel WireAsia

Five fine dining experiences in Penang, Malaysia

For such a food-obsessed town, Penang has never been known for fine dining: Penangites have long favored simple, hearty meals over fancy expensive spreads.